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Personalized Marvel Infinity Saga Collection Storybook

Personalized Marvel Infinity Saga Collection Storybook

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The only book of its kind, and personalized just for you. The entirety of the MCU in chronological order can be read in full over 188 pages. That's 22 films over 11 years, collected in writing to give the full background of how the Avengers were assembled, and everything that came to pass since they were gathered together by Nick Fury. Read all about the infinity stones and how they came to be in the possession of the terrifying Titan, Thanos. Perfect for those who know the MCU inside and out, or those who love the latest films and want to brush up on their history of the franchise. Each double page is dedicated to the recipient at the top, and a personal message can be printed on the opening page of your premium book. There's also an option to add a photograph to appear on the opening page of your collection, creating the ultimate personalized gift. Available in standard 11x8” or deluxe 15x12” size, your book will be presented in a Marvel gift box - making it a truly premium gift.

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