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Personalized Reader Book Box Set For Boys

Personalized Reader Book Box Set For Boys

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It's thought that the average adult reads between 4 and 12 books per year, but what about the average pre-teen? If you know one who consumes books like they're going out of style, this thoughtful gift is definitely for them. This luxury gift set is personalized on the outside and chock-full of page-turners on the inside. Designed for boys aged 7-11 years the five novels within this set are full of adventure, magic, and imagination. Stories of scoundrels, superpowered tales, and beasts of all shapes and sizes await your bookworm. Simply add their name to their personalized blue box and you have the perfect gift for any occasion. All five novels have been published in 2020, meaning they won't have had the chance to read them all yet – the perfect box of books to keep them occupied. Your special box of books includes the following titles: • PESTS by Emer Stamp • The Impossible Boy by Ben Brooks • Jack's Secret Summer by Jack Ryder • Fire Boy by J.M. Joseph • Moon Dog by Jane Elson If any of the above are out of stock, they will be replaced by one or more of the following titles: • Beast Quest: New Blood: The Lost Tomb by Adam Blade • Dare to be You by Matthew Syed • My Greatest Football Team Ever – Build Your Dream Team by Tom Fordyce   OR – choose a mystery box of preloved books which can include titles by famous authors such as Roald Dahl or R.L. Stein*. All books within this selection will have been published within the last 7 years. *Titles cannot be guaranteed if a preloved mystery box is selected.

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