Your Letter to Santa Personalized Book

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Max Characters:12
Add that extra special touch by including a photo in your gift! You can replace the character picture at the end of the photo with a photo of your child.

For best results...
Make sure the child is facing the camera.
Use a close-up photo.
The higher the quality, the better the result!

What happens when a little one writes to Santa? Through Santa's eyes and speech this book takes a look at the letter's journey to the North Pole. It covers the vetting process, the presents selection by elves and their delivery on Christmas Eve by Santa, sleigh and reindeers. Magical hand-painted, colored illustrations include the child's name and are accompanied by enchantingly written rhyming text telling the story. The title page is also includes a personal message. This is a wonderful stocking filler gift as a reward for making the effort in creating a letter to Santa. This 24-page, personalized book is available in a hard or soft cover measuring 8"x8", or a classic embossed hard cover which measures 8"x11".

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